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Assisting in changing your posture for pain-free living.

Back pain can be caused by poor posture, prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position, and even muscular tension due to emotional or work-related stress.

We specialise in back, neck, shoulder, and nerve issues.

Providing help and support to Haywards Heath and all surrounding areas.

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``David is a fantastic chiropractor. He first understands what needs to be done, sets a plan on how to fix it and then makes the pain (in my case) go away. Thank you.``- Tomass Dzenis- Google review
Having been suffering with neck and back issues on and off I finally decided enough was enough and booked a consultation with David. Very quickly he was able to ascertain areas of improvement and after 3/4 sessions the difference was noticable, I was able to sit comfortably at work without constant pain, sleep has improved, when I wake in the morning I don't groan trying to get out of bed then spend time trying to straighten up.- Michael Wink- Facebook recommendation
I visited The Back Doctor due to pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I have Tourette's Syndrome (motor tics) which has left me in chronic pain. David (a lovely calming soul and friendly guy) recommended chiropractic realignment. The treatment that I received has made a huge difference to my posture and pain management. It also made a huge difference to the frequency of motor tics that affect my overall alignment. I highly recommend the services of The Back Doctor, and have made a further appointment for the near future!- David Stewart- Google review
David is a fantastic chiropractor. He really helped me through the aches and pains of pregnancy as well as greatly improving my posture. Compared to previous chiropractors I have seen he has a very gentle yet effective approach. I would definitely recommend.- Rachel Thomas- Google review
I was only in the UK for a short while and popped something in my back on my way over. It was hugely uncomfortable, to the point where I couldn't even breathe properly without sharp stabs of pain, but I only had time to see them once. They understood and accepted my circumstances and everybody there was extremely friendly and welcoming. Most importantly, though, despite only having that one chance to be seen, I left in much less pain and discomfort than I'd been suffering when I walked in. Recommended.- Jason Heaver- Google review

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