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Our Vision… It is our vision to empower the people of Haywards Heath to take control of their own health by choosing natural alternatives. Over the years our interest, passion and commitment to Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Lifestyle have grown as we have witnessed many miracles from our bright, modern clinic in the town center.

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Check out the significant improvement we have made to our clients postures in as little as just one session! Sometimes you may not realise how out of balance you are until you measure yourself against the standard.

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``Following a few reconstructive surgeries, and little progress from six months of physiotherapy, I had pretty much accepted that pain would be a constant part of my life. That was before I gave David and Chiropractic Life a try. The improvements to my posture were extremely obvious within a few weeks, but above everything else, I was pain free for the first time in nearly a year. The range of movement he’s given me has allowed me to push the physiotherapy further, to the point that I no longer get twinges or spikes of pain when lifting anything. It has been nothing short of life changing. I cannot thank David enough, and he has my wholehearted recommendation.``- Back Doctor Client
``David is a fantastic chiropractor. He first understands what needs to be done, sets a plan on how to fix it and then makes the pain (in my case) go away. Thank you.``- Tomass Dzenis
I found Chiropractic Life when I’d injured my back & in desperate need of pain relief. David was very understanding & took the time to evaluate the best course of action for me, not just in terms of immediate pain relief, but also with a long-term view to better posture & avoiding recurrence of such injury. I had 12 sessions & after about three or four, I felt relieved of pain & free to resume normal life, which was incredible. The remaining sessions involved adjustments & focused on my posture. At the end of my course, I felt much better in myself – less stressed, clear-headed & I slept better. I would highly recommend David & his team.- Jane Winslow
David is an expert at finding the source of the problem which then enables treatment to begin. His treatment is thorough and his advice on exercises to prevent re-occurence spot on! My bad posture and shoulder pain have been fixed in less than 6 months. Highly recommended!- Seosaimhin Ni Leaduis
My experience has been great, had some long term upper back stiffness and pain and poor posture. David was great, giving advice and manipulating me , taking my feedback and adjusting as needed. I am now pretty much symptom free – great result!- Back Doctor Client
David has been my chiropractor for the last 6 months. I still attend for regular care as my body feels and function- Back Doctor Client

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We open again as of Monday 15th June
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