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We open again as of Monday 15th June
Book a FREE chiropractic appointment by the end of June as a reopening offer.
Offer ends 1st July.
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The first thing we will do is to properly and carefully assess your current health baseline.

By doing so we will then be able to apply our expert knowledge to define a relevant treatment programme which will be most effective for you.

We will supply you with a professional  report and personalised recommendations once we have made a confident diagnosis.

The objective of this very first step is to correctly plan your recovery steps by making a timely and accurate diagnosis.

Stage 1 - Crisis Care and Enabling Treatment

If you are suffering with pain, first we need to safely reduce that level to such a degree that remedial exercises can be undertaken and beneficial.

Usually this involves a considered and careful treatment plan that harnesses the body’s natural healing responses.

The objective of this stage is to reach a point where you can confidently undertake recommended remedial activities both with and away from your practitioner.

Stage 2 - Corrective Progress

Now that your pain is under control, we will help you to learn and adopt remedial exercises that will advance your condition positively.

This will involve a mix of advice, direct treatment and exercise plans for you to continue at home.

The objective of this stage is to help you overcome detrimental behavioural and movement patterns that you may have adopted whilst avoiding pain.

Stage 3 - Progress to Full Functional Movement

Having completed your remedial exercise and treatment phase, you are now ready for a functional movement training programme.

Where remedial exercises were about early guided recovery, this stage is all about restoring full functional capability with the ongoing but less frequent direct interventions from your practitioner.

The objective is to empower you to continue your recovery with a more independent approach.

Stage 4 - Progress to Full Functional Movement

By this stage you should be fully recovered, and capable physically.

However, often patients will suffer a relapse or further injury without changes to their prior lifestyle and mindset.

The various jigsaw pieces of healthy living are addressed by this ongoing support programme with your expert advisory team.

The objective is to prevent repeat recurrences and to enable long term enjoyment of life.