Back Pain – How Is My Lifestyle Related?

Back Pain – How Is My Lifestyle Related?

How is my lifestyle related to my back pain?

The first two questions we want to discover at an initial consultation with The Back Doctor are to find your accurate diagnosis, whilst also finding what the cause of the back pain is and what is contributing further to the injury and pain.

Once we know the answer to these questions we can then set about resolving the problem and how to get rid of the back pain in the short and long term.

Often the problem has been built up over a long time and the pain is the tip of an iceberg of lifestyle factors. In many cases, people are not aware that their lifestyle and the choices they make are effectively the reason they became sick and suffer from pain.

There are three pillars of lifestyle modification in The Back Doctor system. The technique focuses on helping people initially reduce their pain, manage it, and then resolve it in the long term and prevent it from happening again.

  1. Restore natural movement patterns

Many people experience pain and injury because they are inactive and like most people, they work a desk job, which encourages prolonged sitting, which can put you at risk of back pain.

When we lose the range of our joints we might not experience pain at first, but over time if our joints are restricted they will cause compensatory movements that eventually lead to injury.

Our technique and system are designed to restore natural movement patterns in the shortest space of time so that you can return to activity without fear of injury or we will encourage you to begin.

By regularly exercising, after a course of care with us, without making the pain worse, you can help maintain those changes by exercising more often.

  1. Food is medicine

What you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat affects your health as much as not exercising regularly.

Your body needs food for energy, vitamins, and minerals, which is expressed in good health through feeling good.

When we eat for our body type and lifestyle needs, food will make us feel good, our energy will be vibrant, and our weight and skin will be healthy.

When we eat too much sugar, red meats, and food that tastes good at the time but have little or no nutritional value, it can actually have a lot of bad side effects and will do us more harm than good.

Feeling good becomes a momentary addiction to the taste, our energy levels suffer, our weight is harder to maintain, and our skin will look less than healthy.

We will advise and educate you where we can, and we recommend small changes at first to build momentum toward a healthy diet.

  1. How you think and feel can heal you or harm you

Your posture reflects your internal world, the happier you are inside the likelihood this will reflect in an upright posture, however, if you felt depressed the opposite may be true.

At The Back Doctor, we understand patient psychology, and where we can, we help patients identify how their thoughts could be holding them back from healing, how to help their pain, and help with pain relief.

How to relieve back pain

If you have muscular or skeletal back or neck pain, or pain in your joints, then please get in touch. Call us on 01444 453 888, or email and our experienced team will do all they can to get you out of pain fast.

Our overall aim at The Back Doctor is to not only get you out of pain but to also improve the health and wellbeing of our clients. This is achieved by improving the posture of our clients and creating sustainable strategies for them to adhere to.

For more information on our chiropractor prices, click here. Please feel free to call us on 01444 453 888 to book an initial consultation or book an appointment.

We look forward to seeing how we can help change your life and pain-free living!

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