If you are viewing this page on our website then you will more than likely be suffering some kind of pain, discomfort or a feeling that something’s not quite right with your body but you can’t put your finger on what that is and this has led you to here. A lot patients we see are not fresh cases and instead their pain and discomfort has been going on for many years and they often give up hope of a solution after exhausting other avenues. Even when patients feel good they always fear the injury returning. 

More often than not pain is a signal to the brain to tell us their is a problem so if that problem is resolved the pain will also resolve. At The Back Doctor we specialise in a holistic approach to not only find and resolve your symptoms we will also find and resolve the cause. This therefore resolves the problem not just in the short term but also for the long term, ending your fear of a reoccurrence. Below is a breakdown of our patient support program designed for this purpose by the founder of The Back Doctor, David Tennison.

The Back Doctor model from pain to wellness

  • Diagnosis


    The Start of Your Journey

    1 visit

  • Stage 1


    Crisis Care and Enabling Treatment

    1-2 visits a week

  • Stage 2


    Corrective Progress

    1 visit a week

  • Stage 3


    Progress to full functional movement

    Periodic visits

  • Stage 4


    Creating a lifetime healthy mindset
    Periodic visits

  • Advice


    Here to help answer any questions and offer advice where needed

The Back Doctor Founder – David Tennison

David Tennison is the founder of the The Back Doctor and he designed this support program for patient’s with new or reoccurring aches and pains. This support program is safe and effective at resolving musculoskeletal issues and has been honed not only by David’s many years as a Chiropractor but also a Personal Trainer.

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Going though the five stages we guarantee at the very least a reduction in your pain levels. The chiropractor’s role through each stage will change to suit your individual needs. In the beginning resolving your pain is the main objective of the chiropractor and they will be encouraging your body to heal. Once you feel better the chiropractor will administer specific exercises and stretches to suit and compliment your progress. When your problem has resolved the Chiropractor will advise you on regular exercises and finally they will also give advice on general lifestyle advice.

We only ever start our support program with a patient that we feel we can help. Find out if we can help you by making an appointment, even if we cannot help directly we will be able to advise you on seeking help elsewhere.