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Doctor of Chiropractic

David Tennison

David’s life journey took him from leaving the British Marine’s to a civilian career that he has developed and honed to make him an authority on health matters. He has a vast experience in chiropractic, psychology, personal training, sports massage and kinesiology. In 2019 he wrote a health book in the lockdown and in 2021 he hopes to release his second offering.

David is a highly skilled practitioner with a strong determination to encourage and educate his patients to better health and wellness. He works with a holistic approach and always has his patient’s best long term interests in mind when under his care. David’s skilled care will help patients not only with pain relief but to self actualise their life.

He practices what he preaches by exercising regularly through weight training, running, swimming and cycling. He believes firmly in the adage a healthy body is a healthy mind. Whatever your goals are, speak to David and he will help you reach them.

Fitness Instructor / Sports Therapist / Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Diana Fullilove

Diana has been in the fitness Industry for the past 35 years, a yoga teacher for the past 6 years and qualified as a fitness instructor for older adults in 2018. Diana has always been extremely passionate to help people become both physically and mentally stronger through regular exercise. In 2007 Diana qualified with distinction as a massage therapist in aromatherapy therapy to compliment her work as a Fitness instructor. Through her love of exercise she realised the importance of keeping both the body and mind maintained not just through exercise but also through wellbeing and holistic approaches such as meditation, acupressure massage, Indian head massage and reiki.

Since 2019 Diana has continued to further her knowledge in massage and is now qualified in both acupressure massage and sports massage. Diana’s love of yoga and the philosophy of yoga has helped her create her own unique massage therapy which helps lengthen and stretch tight muscles while releasing built up waste products. Diana’s style of massage helps the mind, the physical body and internal bodily system feel calm and rejuvenated, helping to balance the nervous system with a new release of vital internal energy/chi.

Healing dog


Stanley is our healing dog atThe Back Doctor, you might see him at your appointments. He is easy going, especially if you give him a treat. He is also a specialists in bones, which makes him perfectly suited to chiropractic.

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