About The Back Doctor

The Back Doctor, we are what the name suggests, a specialist in back, neck and joint issues. We have the knowledge, skill and desire to empower the community, by not just getting them out of pain; we want to help them improve their long term health and wellbeing. We do this by helping people change their posture with sustainable strategies.

  • Reclaiming the word doctor

  • There is a doctor inside all of us

  •  Doctor means teacher in Latin

  • A term to describe chiropractors and osteopaths

  • How you think and feel shapes your posture

Assisting you with pain free living

Educating and supporting people in their endeavours to maintain their health, vitality and wellness. To help the community understand the value of a Chiropractic Lifestyle.

We have the knowledge, skill and desire to improve the quality of your life, mentally physically emotionally and spiritually, by creating long term, sustainable strategies for change and wellbeing.

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Take care of your body and your body will take care of you

It may sound a simple solution to your health problems however, restoring symmetry and the natural curves of the spine can transform lives. 

  • Take the premise that the body is part of nature, then think of a tree or plant, when’s it’s healthy it will grow upright and symmetrical, when it’s not getting what it needs it will grow and show in its appearance, similarly if the body has restrictions, affecting your posture, by correcting them through adjustments, the body will naturally be more upright and symmetrical.

    To achieve this patients don’t need to do anything, they just need to let the adjustments take place and those restrictions will be removed, letting nature take its course, upright and symmetrical.

  • We believe that there’s an internal Doctor inside all of us and when we develop the skills to listen, our healths will transform. Every day your internal doctor observes your thoughts and feelings, with this understanding that your emotions affect your posture we can view them from a fresh perspective. when you have this awareness it.s easier to make changes.

    We believe that people are their own authority first, through your internal doctor, those insights are valuable that only the individual experiences. It’s important to seek external advice, it’s also important to trust yourself. We want to guide people towards a world where they can take responsibility for their empowered lives.

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