Chiropractic and Lifestyle Advice – The Back Doctor

Chiropractic and Lifestyle Advice – The Back Doctor

In the Lockdown of 2020, I was inspired to write a book – The Back Doctor Secrets. I give in-depth chiropractic and lifestyle advice.

I was saddened to see scientifically proven lifestyle modifications, which reduce all cause mortality (fancy words for everything we die of), were being sidelined.

This was an attempt to control a flu virus of short duration. Measures that we now know were futile.

Three years on, the accepted view is that we need to live with this particular flu virus of short duration, as we live with millions of other viruses and bacteria.

The Back Doctor Secrets

In the first half of my book, The Back Doctor Secrets, I make a case that the reason our leaders took such a counterintuitive approach to a flu virus, was that healthcare is not set up to keep you well.

Instead, healthcare waits until you are sick, and then when you are sick, the window for lifestyle modifications as a solution is smaller.

So when a new virus appears, these counterproductive systems and flawed theories regarding health solutions are adopted causing unnecessary panic and hysteria.

Therefore, I wanted to write a book to empower people to still maintain lifestyle modifications regardless of which cold and flu viruses are virulent at any time in life. Which is in their interests and in the interests of everyone.

The healthier we are through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a positive mindset, the evidence suggests we will be happier and healthier in later life and live longer.

But in April 2020, this information was nowhere to be found and has been lacking since.

In the second half of my book, I focus in detail not only on the scientific benefits of living a healthy lifestyle but also simple instructions on how to effectively uptake positive changes and healthy habits towards better overall health.

I draw on my many years of experience in the fitness industry, chiropractic, and as a marine. I tell you the needs to know that we are not being told.

This book has six chapters that can be broken into bite-size chunks on individual topics or can be read continuously from beginning to end.

  1. Chapter 1 explains what health is and why it’s important to understand, the same way we regard our finances. Also the different modalities of thinking towards health systems.
  2. Chapter 2 talks about the history of vaccines, their safety, and their effectiveness. I will compare the forgotten history to the version of history we have been taught and show the disparity.
  3. Chapter 3 will show the unnecessary panic and hysteria caused when these flawed theories have been adopted.
  4. Chapter 4 will educate you about movement and why this is significant to your general health and well-being.
  5. Chapter 5 explains how your choice of diet can either cause or heal disease.
  6. Chapter 6 is about meditation and how you can heal yourself through the power of your mind.

My book is available on Amazon or can be purchased from our clinic in Haywards Heath. There are several reviews for anyone interested in and considering this book. This book has a scientific base but is also written from the heart.

If you’d like to have a free chiropractic treatment consultation, call our clinic in Haywards Heath today on 01444 453888, or fill out our form on our website.

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