Chiropractic Lifetime Health and Wellness

Chiropractic Lifetime Health and Wellness

At The Back Doctor, we always focus on a patient’s best long-term interests and that’s why the founder, David Tennison, designed The Back Doctor’s model for health and lifetime wellness.

This is a support program with five stages that will track your progress throughout treatment with us. Let’s go through them:

Diagnosis – The start of your journey

So that we can give you the best care suited to your individual needs, we need to do an assessment.

In doing so we will not only find what’s wrong, but we will find the cause of your problem.

For example, someone suffering from shoulder pain, may not even be aware that this is originating from their neck or spine.

We are experts at finding the cause and spending time treating them to improve overall health.

Stage 1- Crisis and enabling care

The first stage of treatment is to resolve your pain.

This is usually with treatment only and encouraging your body’s natural healing response.

The chiropractor’s role in this stage is to heal your injuries.

Stage 2 – Corrective care

Once your pain is under control, we will continue treatment by adding remedial-based exercises.

This resolves the compensatory movements and posture that have developed over time and is usually the root cause of your pain.

The chiropractor’s role in this stage is to facilitate the return of good movement and posture.

Stage 3 – Progress to fully functioning

It is now safe for you to resume regular exercise, or if you aren’t partaking, we recommend beginning some kind of exercise routine.

Regular exercise and physical activity will help continue your progress and maintain the changes we made together.

The Chiropractors role in this stage is to give advice on planning and motivating a regular exercise routine.

Stage 4 – Creating a lifetime healthy mindset

Health is a jigsaw and how you move is only one part of that jigsaw.

Other parts are diet, mindset, and periodic chiropractic appointments with The Back Doctor.

The Chiropractors role in this stage is to suggest and advise on holistic health benefits regarding the patient’s personal goals.


Depending on the individual circumstances, it will depend on where a patient enters our model.

A person in lots of pain will start in the healing stage, and someone with a minor niggling injury would go straight to corrective care.

Someone partaking in exercise will already be able to move in a functional way, but they realize chiropractic care helps them maintain those good movement habits, so they proactively make an appointment.

This model by David Tennison is focused on patient independence. Initially, more support may be needed depending on the severity of their injury.

But with our expert help, you will resolve this and by going through a corrective phase to then partaking in regular exercise, you will need less support and will be confident enough to manage your own physical health and improve your quality of life.

The role of the Chiropractor changes slightly depending on the stage of the patient. We are a patient-centered clinic, which means we are led by the expectation of the patient.

Some patients will drop off care once their pain has been resolved and others will think more long-term. Whatever your goals are we aim to help you the best way we can using our expert experience.

Any questions please contact our Chiropractic clinic in Haywards Heath by calling 01444 5453888 or email

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