Full Body Cracking Adjustment Near Me

Full Body Cracking Adjustment Near Me

We focus on freeing the spinal joints to relieve pain, improve movement, and correct posture. For full body cracking adjustment near you, read on.

What Is the Cracking/Popping Noise?

The cracking or popping that you hear when you visit a Chiropractor or an Osteopath is known within the profession as cavitations. This is when air and fluid are forced out of a joint creating a noise.

They are satisfying to the patient, the reason being that the joint of the spine was stuck. A pop or crack after an adjustment is a signal the restriction has been removed providing instant release.

Full Body Cracking Adjustment

The interlocking joints at the back of the spine are called facet joints and they clip into each other like notches of jigsaw pieces.

When we lose the shape of our spine because our pelvis isn’t level, or our head comes forward, these joints become stuck. When they are freed they make a noise as they return to their correct position.

The good news is those joints are like magnets, they want to be aligned. Therefore, they only need a small amount of pressure in the correct direction. The joints will suck together into their correct position, forming a sliding joint next to the next spinal bones.

Again, that suction pulling the joint together is the sound of the joint aligning. As a consequence forcing air and fluid from the joint space.

Chiropractic Adjustments

As I said your joints want to be in their correct geometric position. Therefore, if I can free the restriction subtly, I prefer this method. Other joints will not be as easy and this is when I consider alternatives. Understanding these differences is a skill.

I like to think of the caviation as a note played on an instrument. The sound made tells me a lot about the joint inside, which I’m cross-referencing with what I’m feeling in my hands as I move the joint.

Some are high pitch, others dull and some do not make a noise but I feel the joint move in my hand.

Chiropractic Technique

For me, cavitation is a tool, not an outcome.

I listen to sound for feedback, but when I set up a patient into a position I never look for cavitation, as this is only a byproduct of the change that I want to make in relation to the whole.

Making a patient better is not dependent on if cavitation is heard, but is instead focused on freeing the spinal joints to relieve pain, improve movement, and correct posture.

Not all cracking is created equal. For example, you could crack all of your fingers and toes, but this isn’t going to resolve your neck or lower back pain.

Chiropractic Treatment

My focus as a Chiropractor is:

  • First to resolve your pain
  • Second to stop the problem from reoccurring
  • Thirdly to help you maintain and enjoy movement

If there are a few pops and cracks, they were a byproduct of a greater meaning I meant for you.

The Back Doctor

At The Back Doctor, our support programs are set up to not only resolve your pain but resolve them for the long term, towards a healthy mindset.

Please feel free to call us for a free phone consultation to see if we can help you.

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