How Many Times Should You Get Adjusted by a Chiropractor

How Many Times Should You Get Adjusted by a Chiropractor

At The Back Doctor, we focus on recommending a sequence of appointments of getting adjusted by a chiropractor.

When patients visit our chiropractic clinic for their chiropractic treatment in Haywards Heath, they generally feel better after their first visit.

However, even though one appointment alone is powerful, if the problem has been reoccurring, the likelihood is that the problem has not been resolved long term.

That is why at The Back Doctor we focus on recommending a sequence of appointments. This, combined with exercises, stretches, and a treatment plan, delivers a resolution to whatever pain or discomfort you are suffering with.

Here is a typical chiropractic care plan we might suggest:

1-2 visits for 3 weeks

Initially, the frequency of the appointments is best closer together.

In this period we want to replace the framework that is lost to bad postural habits, reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

We do not recommend exercises, but will sometimes advise stretching or identifying a trigger to avoid.

Think of this as time for your body to heal from the injury.

1 visit a week for 6 weeks  

After the healing phase, your body will feel like doing and moving more.

At the Back Doctor, we devised a structure of exercises and stretches that will improve bad postural habits. Whether that is recovery from a lower back, neck, knee, hip, or shoulder.

This is possible because your body has undergone three weeks of chiropractic adjustments, which your body is now holding, and providing a better framework.

1 visit every 4-6 weeks   

This is commonly known as a maintenance appointment.

By this we mean your pain is resolved, your reason for your type of pain has been corrected, and now we want to maintain those changes.

This means you can live pain-free and enjoy movement.

Think of this phase like someone would visit a masseuse for a regular massage to prevent and manage any knots or trigger points.


In the beginning, we advise for best results that typically a patient will need their appointments closer together to provide the momentum to allow their bodies to heal from the inside.

In this stage there is only one rule, if you are aggravating your injury you must stop that activity. Less is more in this phase and you will feel better quicker, letting your body heal.

When patients are ready for once a week (second recommendation), they move better and are more confident in themselves.

This is the time to reuptake specific exercises and stretches that your chiropractor will provide for you. Then usually after a six-week period, we can consider a maintenance appointment.

I personally (David Tennison, The Back Doctor Founder) visit a chiropractor to be adjusted once a month by my good friend Patrick Hogg, who practices at Complete Health, in Eastbourne.

I do not suffer from any injuries; my appointments are so that my framework is in order, I can move well, and my nervous system is functioning and connected to my health.

I also believe that adjustments are spiritually uplifting. After adjustments, I feel connected to a higher source that recalibrates and checks in on my life purpose and meaning.

Therefore, for me in the beginning, patients come in for the pain, but eventually, they come for other reasons and beyond.

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