How much does a chiropractor cost?

How much does a chiropractor cost?

How much does a chiropractor cost?

At The Back Doctor, we believe our chiropractor cost are reasonable and value for money, considering the talent of the practitioners and the excellent approach, technique, and method we use to replicate superb results with our patients.

Chiropractors are not available on the NHS at present. Chiropractors are normally private, family-run practices similar to dentists and osteopaths.

This blog will explain a detailed outline of each chiropractic treatment’s cost, length of time, and what to expect in treatments at The Back Doctor practice.

The goal of all of our services is to help you regularly exercise with minimal risk of injury and to educate and motivate you to live a healthy life.

In doing so, you will maintain the changes made through your day-to-day health choices.

When in the crisis and remedial stages of care of The Back Doctor’s model the appointments will be closer together. But as you improve, the appointments for chiropractic and massage become periodic.


The goal of chiropractic initially is three aspects:

  1. Calm the nervous system by restoring rest and digest over fight or flight
  2. To match your holographic mind’s eye. This is your nervous system interpretation of your senses with your bodily movements and your actual physical movements (think of this like the alignment page for a printer)
  3. Remove any jams within the spinal column that are restricting movement elsewhere

The longer someone has been stuck in fight or flight and lost their bodily sense away from reality, the more likely compensatory movements will be present. The frequency of treatment will need to be closer together and in most cases will be two appointments a week for the first one to three weeks.

Each treatment session is 15 minutes long and during this time we will restore the nervous system recalibration, afterwards, your body will do the rest in between appointments.

The next step is the remedial phase, which is usually weekly appointments for 6-8 weeks which includes treatment and exercise prescription.

After this point, a review takes place and usually, a periodic appointment will be recommended.

So, how much does a session with a chiropractor cost? Here are our chiropractic services and fees:


Chiropractic fees                                                    full                     concession

Consultation                                                               free                    free

Examination                                                               £55                    £40

Chiropractic treatment                                             £44                   £40

Child fees

Consultation                                                               free                     free

Examination                                                               £35                     £30

Chiropractic treatment                                             £30                    £30

Discount packages

Six visits                                                                       @£42/£252         @£38/£228

Twelve visits                                                                @£40/£480         @£36/£432


The Back Doctor, Haywards Heath

For more information on our chiropractor prices, click here. Please feel free to call us on 01444 453888 to book an initial consultation or book an appointment.

We look forward to seeing how we can help change your life and pain-free living!

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