The Back Doctor’s School of Health by David Tennison

The Back Doctor’s School of Health by David Tennison

The Back Doctor’s School of Health (volume one) is my book (David Tennison, founder of The Back Doctor, a chiropractor in Sussex) that was released in March 2022. 

I wanted to write a book that would empower people to take control of their health and pain relief, without needing to enrol in a college course or wait until they are sick to act. 

The premise of the book is: if health was a subject at school, what would be the essentials to teach?

Learning About Our Health

It seems logical to me that learning about our health, including joints, muscles and the nervous system is as significant as teaching grammar and math equations.

We all live in a body that we call home for the period of life, but because there are missing gaps in our education and healthcare system, most of us are unaware of how our health works. 

I only understand the complexities and simple truths of health because I took an interest in health matters when I left the Marines.

Our Healthcare Service

I enrolled in two courses that changed my life. Firstly, a combined fitness and sports massage qualification, and secondly becoming a Chiropractor

These courses showed me an ugly truth that I didn’t believe at first, that the health service is not working in our best interest. 

Healthcare is at fault by its reactionary nature of waiting until we are sick before taking action, which in some cases causes irreversible damage to health (including mental health).

Healthcare only focuses on isolated symptoms and discounts thoughts, feelings, and emotions as precursors to illness, a state of health known as dis-ease. 

Instead, healthcare focuses on eugenic thinking that makes us victim to our genes, denying us responsibility for our health and illness. 

Inherited Behaviours

A patient may feel reassured. However, this is shortsighted as they are less likely to act proactively regarding their health and reduce pain. Especially if they are told they are more likely to develop heart disease or cancer because of their genes.

There are some genetic diseases that are passed on at birth, but heart disease and cancer that develop later in life are caused by diet, lifestyle, stress, and personal mindset. 

The likely causes of these issues will be inherited behaviours and not inherited genes.

The Healthcare Service Needs To Change

In my new book, I lay out this argument by first discussing the systems of nature and then comparing them with the current healthcare system. 

I make recommendations on how the healthcare service could radically change to work in our favour with no increase in budget; in fact, these changes would eventually reduce the cost of state-funded healthcare for all.

The School of Health Book

Here is an extract from The School of Health’s introduction:

[There is a magic pill proven beyond doubt that will help improve your health regardless of your health issues, mental and physical, which has also been shown to reduce all-cause mortality. Taken consistently this pill will solve the real pandemic of obesity and will beat other medication hands down like anti-depression and pain medication. The science has shown that this pill outperforms and is superior to any other prescribed medication. And what’s more this medication in comparison to other treatments, when prescribed within the patient’s limits, has no side effects.

What is this scientifically proven and validated wonder pill, you ask? Regular exercise. You might be scratching your head at the moment – if this is true, why is this not on billboards and shouted from rooftops? Does it cost too much? (It’s more cost effective than pharmaceutical medication.) Is it too difficult to recommend to everyone? (The only requirement is an assessment to recommend exercise within a person’s limits.) Ask yourself this question: if you didn’t know that exercise was the magic pill, what else is being kept from you that is in your interest?]  

The book will be available on Amazon, alongside my first book The Back Doctor’s Secrets.

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