Why do I feel new pains after chiropractor treatment?

Why do I feel new pains after chiropractor treatment?

It’s not uncommon for patients to experience new pains after visiting a chiropractor and having their initial chiropractic appointments.

At the beginning of care with The Back Doctor, we will conduct an examination, from which we will figure out if we can help you or not.

We will diagnose your symptoms, and provide a recommendation for chiropractic treatments and a timeline for your recovery.

Behind your pain is compensations which are the likely cause of any new pain

Once you start your chiropractic care program with us it’s normal for new patients to say their original pain feels better, but they are feeling pain after treatment elsewhere in their body. 

Generally, pain is a signal from the nervous system to tell us there is a problem and that problem could have built up over time causing many compensations. 

This means incorrect posture distorts the nervous system, whilst also reducing the range of movement of their joints, eventually leading to the tip of the iceberg of why they are experiencing pain.

The adage is true “sometimes you need to get worse before becoming better”

Restoring a good range of movement and resetting the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments is a process as opposed to an event. 

How long this takes to resolve depends on how long they were present, the longer these distortions were developing the longer they take to resolve. 

Treatment, therefore, is done in stages to resolve the priority injury first. Usually, this is the original pain but generally behind this lurks a compensatory movement, which is likely the cause of the new ache and pain.

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Pains after chiropractor – The good news

This is normal and common to experience new pains at the start of care with The Back Doctor

You will be glad to know these new pains will be more fleeting and pass more quickly in comparison to the original chronic pain that makes someone make an appointment in the first instance.

New pains are often old pains

Quite often the patient remembers the new pain as an old pain from a long time ago; again this is a good sign.

Correcting and resolving postural issues removes a compensatory movement, then an older compensation appears that led to the newest one. 

To regain good posture and health, a person almost has to experience their injury in reverse. Eventually, we reach a point in a course of care where all the compensations are removed, and ta-da! The person is healed for the long term and pain-free.  

Pains after chiropractor – The Back Doctor

If you have muscular or skeletal back or neck pain, or pain in your joints, then please get in touch. Call us on 01444 453 888, or email theteam@the-back-doctor.co.uk and our experienced team will do all they can to get you out of pain fast.

Our overall aim at The Back Doctor is to not only get you out of pain but to also improve the health and wellbeing of our clients. This is achieved by improving the posture of our clients and creating sustainable strategies for them to adhere to.

For more information on our chiropractor prices, click here. Please feel free to call us on 01444 453 888 to book an initial consultation or book an appointment.

We look forward to seeing how we can help change your life and pain-free living!

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